Research Methodology


India's Most Trusted Brand Awards methodology strives to discover the best & the most trusted brands as per the consumers. Brands shortlisted based on the research could not necessarily be selected based upon sales/turnover/profits of the brand. Selection could also be based on overall quality, features, pricing, discounts, after sales service, reputation & other such factors of the brand. We follow the most transparent and authentic process of selecting brands. It is the largest multi format research based brand platform in India.

The entire research platform was divided into the following levels:-

Level 1:The First level of research was initiated by generating a list of about 1000 brands from all states of India across the service and infrastructure sectors and 64 sub categories were drawn up through secondary research using physical surveys via market studies and category specific brand reports. The list of institutions was prepared using existing listings, rankings and research reports and other available sources.

Level 2: The preliminary list of 1000 brands was scrutinized on a scale of 1 to 10 (where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest) and thoroughly examined by our research team on the parameters of Brand Image, Brand Growth, Brand Identity, Brand Leadership, Brand Value, Brand Impact, Brand Innovation, Brand Trust, and Brand Equity.

Level 3: The list of 200 shortlisted brands by the IBC research team was sent to a panel of eminent jury members to be rated on a scale of 1 to 10. (The jury consists of top renowned corporate leaders from various areas such as Business, Finance, Advertising & Media, including an international expert advisor. The identity of all jurors is kept confidential except among the Jury members themselves, so as to keep the selection process unbiased.)

Final Level: The final list of INDIA'S MOST TRUSTED BRANDS was based on cumulative scores received by the jury, editorial team and consumer votes received through surveys.

  • 20 % weightage was given to the IBC team evaluation
  • 30 % weightage was given to the jury scoring
  • 50 % weightage was given to consumer votes via survey

The consumers across India in more than 50 cities were then asked to vote for India's Most Trusted Brands, via physical survey conducted by International Brand Consulting Corporation to “vote for the brands that they trusted most” to best reflect consumer's choice. 1,41,572 votes were collected and 100 of the leading brands of India categorized into 64 industry segments were shortlisted.

Analysis: The cumulative scoring of IBC team, jury members and consumer votes was under taken to finalize the winners of "INDIA'S MOST TRUSTED BRAND AWARDS 2020".

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